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Marshall Rosenberg's NVC

I am extremely grateful for the work of international peacemaker Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication. "Nonviolent Communication (NVC)," "Productive Communication," "Authentic Communication," and "Compassionate Communication" are some of the names given to his model of human interaction. Which name you choose may depend on the context in which you are communicating—just as the words you use in your home may be different than those you use in your workplace. The underlying techniques and shifts in focus, however, remain the same in all contexts. There is a common thread, accessible to all with a little coaching, that can aid you in finding solutions that last, conducting meetings that work, and building relationships that move forward with connection and trust.

My work draws extensively from the work of Marshall Rosenberg, combined with what I have learned from my own professional and personal life.




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