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Newt Bailey was one of the presenters for our Making Connections conference for early care and education providers in Ukiah, Mendocino County. He presented two workshop sessions on nonviolent communication. Both were well attended. Overall rating for the workshops on a 1-5 scale was 1 (excellent). Attendees had many positive comments on the evaluation forms regarding the usefulness of the material. For example: "Clear and powerful! Best and most clear delivery that I've ever experienced." Also, "the presenter was knowledgeable and had interesting ways of sharing the information" and "steps for communication were broken down in very clear ways. The written information is a great resource also. Role playing helpful." As one of the planners for the conference, I found Newt to be refreshingly genuine and engaging in his presentations. He demonstrated a passion for the material that led me to believe he "practices what he preaches." We would welcome working with Newt Bailey again and any organization considering a contract with him will be well rewarded.

—Anne Rosenthol, Mendocino County of Education
Mendocino, California

This is my second testimonial for Newt Bailey. This time it is for the "Communication Dojo" which is a course Newt offers for both personal and business environments that he is now teaching at Dogster, Inc. After only two session there is already a marked improvement in office communication. We are learning to listen to what a person is really saying and to say what we really mean. We are learning new tools with which to deal with conflict and stressful situations. These tools are tools of connection, efficiency and peaceful resolution. I know it is sometimes hard to see the ROI on these types of sessions in a business, but I cannot emphasize enough that the "Communication Dojo" will bring your company or group great returns. On a final note, I would also recommend Newt as a management coach for one-on-one sessions in almost any situation but specifically conflict resolution, performance reviews, termination and/or communicating any big news to your team.

—John Vars, Founder/Chief Product Officer, Dogster, Inc.
San Francisco, California

Newt Bailey led an introduction to communication skills and conflict resolution for my staff. I then asked him to come back to lead a series of classes for staff members who wanted to learn more. The sessions provided a great opportunity for team-building and a growth in trust between the participants. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a communication trainer or individual coach. He will help you create a culture of smooth, harmonious communication in your organization.

—Mat Henshall, Founder and CEO, Square Connect, Inc.
Emeryville, California

I just wanted to tell you that I've been using the techniques that you taught me, and yesterday I finally had that conversation that you and I practiced for. It didn't turn out quite as scripted as I had it in my mind, but the techniques gave me the confidence and the peace of mind that I needed to be present and communicate clearly. It was a success in my opinion, and I feel very good about it.

I printed out the summary that you sent me and I have been carrying it around with me and reading it while on the bus. Reviewing these principles while I'm not in conversation seems to make them more readily available to me when conversations happen.

I gained such a confidence boost from my new skills, that I've been a lot more outspoken. I spoke up in a public forum recently, which piqued the interest of a company that I've always admired - and now they are trying to recruit me. The interview is next Tuesday!

As my grandfather likes to say, good advice is priceless.

Cheers - AA

Message from a client
San Francisco, California

Newt Bailey is truly refreshing. The teachings of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) are amazing and curious. The practice of NVC is thought-provoking and challenging. Newt understands even the smallest nuances of both verbal and non-verbal communication, and is able to teach his methods in a nurturing environment that encourages progress.

I thought I was a "good communicator" before I took his classes; and even after three sessions, I am absolutely convinced that I have stumbled upon a rare gem of an opportunity to enhance all of my current and future relationships with both intimates and acquaintances alike. Having the abilities to participate as an active listener and as a passionate purposeful communicator, I feel prepared with Newt's teachings.

I would not hesitate to recommend him with 5 stars to anyone who is interested in enhancing their communication style, strategy, approach, and relationships.

—Amy P.
San Francisco, California

Newt started as a student of mine in Nonviolent Communication, and in just over a year he became a colleague, assisting and even co-leading workshops with me. I have great respect and trust in Newt's abilities, not only for his skills in communication and conflict resolution, but even more importantly for me, his consciousness and clarity around the depths of the these processes.

Newt's gift for learning Nonviolent Communication is rare in my experience, I think because of his combination of talent, hard work and dedication, and passion, leading to what I see as truly living and embodying the communication process he now shares with others. Perhaps even more surprising and impressive to me is, given Newt's abilities, how consistently I experience his humility, openness, and hunger for more learning. I feel tremendously grateful for the level of trust and support I feel with Newt, and for how much I just appreciate and enjoy the human being that he is.

—John Kinyon, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication
San Francisco, California

Newt Bailey is totally amazing! I have been seeing him as a communication coach for the last month and I am so excited about what he has been teaching me about different ways of communicating. While his methods have helped me with my business, I am actually using these skills even more with family and friends. Newt's guidance has helped me really listen to the people in my community, while being able to clearly state what it is that I need as well. While it seems so simple, what Newt is coaching me on is really quite revolutionary. He is great at listening and also offering suggestions and guidance in a way that does not make me feel stupid, and that is awesome! He is easy to work with, and that makes him worth every penny. I have enjoyed our sessions so much that I am actually gifting a few friends of mine with some of his sessions for the holidays. Ahhh.... communications; the gift that keeps on giving!

—London E.
San Francisco, California

Cover letters, interviews. More cover letters. More interviews. Newt has supported me in writing clear and intelligent cover letters that actually say what I want to communicate. Newt has made the writing process enjoyable with his sense of humor. He asks questions to support clarity in myself for my professional vision. From nailing the interviews through getting into the final rounds, Newt has continued his support with coaching, role play, and post-interview follow-up. His support in interview preparation has let me to feel more confident and authentic in the interviews and passionate about what I have to contribute to this community through my career. It is my hope that more professionals use his expertise to find meaning and growth in their life's work.

—Nicki G.
San Francisco, California

Newt Bailey has been a tremendous help to me both as a communication coach and group faciliator. Sessions with Newt have gone far in helping me find equanimity with others (family, friends, partner, clients, strangers on the sidewalk) in difficult situations which, in the past, would have left me stressed, baffled, and convinced that I'd be better off as a monk living in a cave. For the average sensitive person, working and living among others can be truly daunting, since humans can seem awfully moody, angry, insensitive, judgmental, and unaware. Fear of conflict can be very limiting, as can the concept that 'I'm just a nice, peaceful person' and the person I have a conflict with is 'screwed up' or 'heartless.'

Newt has helped me to get to the core of what people (including myself!) are perceiving, saying, needing, and requesting when they communicate, regardless of how they do it. As a result, I'm becoming much less defensive and fearful around others knowing I have access to a key that can unlock the mystery of human conflict. Newt is warm, compassionate, patient, and inspiring. His work with communication is clearly his heart's joy, and it comes across. I recommend Newt as a coach, consultant, trainer, and guide without reservation.

—Nina C.
San Francisco, California

Newt has the ability not only to help resolve problems, but also to leave the involved parties with new skills that will help them resolve future issues.

Newt is also able to quickly perceive the essence of a situation or argument and to efficiently distill it down to its key components. Working from an impartial position, Newt possesses the unique talent to help others see a comprehensive perspective of the situation at hand.

—Dan Gebow
San Francisco, California

Over the past several years I've been fortunate enough to know Newt as a colleague, supervisor, mentor, and friend. Time and again Newt has impressed me with his ability to resolve conflict, diffuse tension, and inspire action.

When he was promoted to Director of Application Development, Newt had his work cut out for him. Anger ridden arguments and even screaming matches amongst colleagues had become somewhat common. His ability to remain calm in tense situations, while still listening intently to disagreeing parties enabled him to lead the way to fitting compromises in the short term and healthier workplace relationships in the longer term.

Newt's calm demeanor, willingness to listen without making personal judgements, and ability to cut directly to the core of an issue enables others to communicate effectively in spite of their personal differences. Often, agreement naturally arises out of the good communication Newt facilitates. And when agreement does not occur spontaneously, he is able to find the common ground amongst differing parties and guide them into resolution based on that common ground.

—Jim Hutson, Director of Application Development
PC World Communications Inc.

In the years that Newt and I worked together at PC World Communications as management colleagues, I've had many opportunities to observe his interactions with a wide variety of people and situations. Within the context of a large, fast-paced technical environment, the challenges and opportunities come at you from every direction, and one quickly sees who rises to the occasion, and who is unequipped to deal with the facts on the ground. Without question, Newt is that rare combination of cool, collected analytical skills, and practical day-to-day people skills. He is empathic, kind, and fundamentally concerned about the welfare of those with whom he works.

Newt is highly articulate, and sensitive to linguistic precision. He has always made it a point to focus on group issues first, and has always elevated good communication skills to a favored position. In fact, this is a natural outcome of his focus on conflict-resolution, and early intervention in areas of potential conflict. What I took away from my time working with Newt was a sense of his overall concern for others, which I believe, was grounded in his rich background, his vibrant intellect, and his genuine love of any process that results in a better outcome than everyone else expected.

—Robert Kanes, Artistic Director
PC World Communications Inc.

Newt served as my manager from October 2001 until July 2004. During that time, Newt demonstrated diplomatic prowess in difficult situations. He disarmed angry department members with honesty, empathy, and solutions. He negotiated win/win compromises with other departments, balancing their needs with the needs of our team. He coached our team on how to improve both our inter- and intra-departmental communications. He resolved delicate situations with sensitivity and humor.

A fantastic meeting facilitator, he ensured that all sides had the opportunity to voice their concerns. He remained impartial and objective, taking notes and utilizing visual resources effectively. He ensured that we attacked the issues and not the personalities.

It was a great pleasure to work with Newt, and we were sad to see him leave.

—Blossom Woo, Application Developer
PC World Communications Inc.

Most of us think we're good communicators, just as we think we're good drivers. Newt actually is one, and a big reason for this is his ability to identify the underlying forces of a conflict. He's an exceptional listener, but more than that, he has a 'third ear' that helps him hear what isn't being said as much as what is. This allows him to truly understand the forces at work, and once he does this, he can articulate the central issues fluently, acknowledging the claims of both sides, and encourage both parties to reach a creative solution. All along the way Newt doesn't judge, and maybe more than any other, this non-judgmental attitude can help you get beyond the 'blame game' and truly reach a productive solution.

—Max Green, Former Senior Producer
PC World Communications Inc.

As Director of Application Development at PC World, Newton Bailey had the daunting task of implementing our magazine into a website in the days when the industry was still trying to figure out how to make money on the web. It was Newt's job to work with many departments to evaluate their needs and have his group create web tools to fulfill those tasks. The trick was drilling down into each request to find the real needs to optimize the solution to the problem, efficiently allocate people and resources, and then work with these departments to determine project priority in meetings that sometimes turned contentious. He has a talent for looking past the passion to the root of the issue. He is an approachable person who has a heart for the spirit of the individual, and I know his personal passion has been to understand the human spirit. His work and life experiences, and his desire to help people grow, all contribute to his work as a compassionate and encouraging communication coach.

—Nancy Jonathons, Director of Production
PC World Communications Inc.

When Newt took over the development group at PC World, he brought new clarity to a theretofore chaotic system and helped drive our most creative work for several years. The essence of that job was artfully balancing the often-conflicting needs of a diverse group of 'clients' within the company. His skills in that area helped make PC World the Web's best site for technology information, and it is delightful to learn that Newt is bringing his knowledge and insights to a wider group of people.

—Kevin McKean, Former VP & Editorial Director
PC World Communications Inc.

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