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I facilitate communication skills training sessions with larger groups. The hallmarks of my approach to training are:

  • Flexibility
    I gear the session to address the skills most important to the group. Typical areas are:
    • Email CommunicationConflict Resolution
    • Effective Meetings
    • Making Requests
    • Management Communication
    • Technical Communication to Non-Technical Listeners
    • Customer Service Communication
  • Experiential Learning
    Through the use of role plays, problem solving, and interactive exercises, we take communication skills out of the theoretical realm, and quickly allow participants an experience of those skills.
  • Immediate Relevance
    I present and share communication skills and strategies which participants feel will be of immediate benefit and relevance to them.
  • Receptivity to New Ideas
    Often the participants themselves have valuable insights to share. A training session is also an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas about what works for them.
  • Responsiveness to Feedback
    I invite feedback during training sessions to ensure we are staying on track, and meeting the needs of the participants. The course of the session may change based upon this feedback.


Call (415) 694 8798 for more information on my training packages.

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